Thursday, October 26, 2006

Presenting, His Excellency Paul J. Swain, Bishop of Sioux Falls, SD


Catholics in Eastern South Dakota have a new leader. The Sioux Falls Diocese spent 22 months without a bishop. But that changed Thursday afternoon. Leaders from the Catholic Church installed Bishop Paul Swain during a three-hour ceremony at the Cathedral in Sioux Falls.

He's now the man more than one hundred thousand people will look to for spiritual guidance. The event brought more than 20 bishops, including former Sioux Falls Bishop Robert Carlson, the Pope's representative to the United States, Archbishop Pietro Sambi and Archbishop Harry Flynn from Minneapolis and St. Paul.

They were honored guests who joined eastern South Dakota in welcoming the dioceses' next leader. In front of thousands Thursday afternoon in Saint Joseph Cathedral, Monsignor Paul Swain became Bishop Paul Swain, filling a 22 month vacancy in the Sioux Falls Catholic Diocese.

Archbishop Pietro Sambi says, [sic] “We appoint you Bishop of Sioux Falls together with all the rights and obligation.”

Catholic traditions at Thursday's celebration embodied everything it means to become a bishop.

Sambi says, [sic] “Today the church in Sioux Falls rejoices as Father Paul Joseph Swain from the clergy of Madison, Wisconsin is ordained to the fullness of the priest hood.”

Archbishop Harry Flynn says, [sic] “The tradition handed down from the beginning through the unbroken succession of bishops is preserved from generation to generation and the work of the savior continues and grows even in our times.” With hundreds filling the Cathedral, hundreds [???? Only hundreds? Pretty expensive television, one could say.] more watched on TV and the web as Archbishop Harry Flynn gave instruction to Swain. Flynn says, [sic] “Gladly and gratefully therefore, welcome our brother Paul whom we the bishops now admit into our college by the laying on of hands.”

Bishop Swain was given a Shepard [Shepherd!!] staff, symbolizing that he is now the chief Shepard [See, it wasn't an accidental typo.] of the diocese of Sioux Falls. Bishop Swain will now take a 10 day pilgrimage starting October 29th in Pierre. KELOland TV

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