Friday, October 27, 2006

Regional Bloggers who post frequently: Oct 27


I.C. at Ironic Catholic (Humor)
New Deadly Sin Added By The International Theological Commission

Cathy of Alex: “Recovering Dissident Catholic” (Spiritual Subjects)
Slash and Burn

Adoro at “
Adoro Te Devote” (Young Catholic)
Suicide, Mercy, and Redemption

Sr. Edith at “Monastic Musings” (Sociology Professor)
Would We Do It Again If We Knew?

Sue at “Desperate Irish Housewife” (Humor, Political)
Oh for pity's sake.

John Paul at “Orbis Catholicus” (Student in Rome)
Ciao from Tuscany...Catholic legions as they assemble in Rome...
Press Corps: Paparazzi...!
Roman etiquette: how to greet a Bishop...

Sharon at “Clairity’s Place” (English Instructor, Photographer)
Big Babies
Letting the World Go
Bodily Enhancement

Dan at “Faithmouse” (Cartoonist)
Michael J. Fox Goes Back To The Future
Flying Faithmouse

Father “Z” at “What Does the Prayer Really Say” (Translations, Vatican Subjects)
Full Day
5th Sorrowful Mystery: The Crucifixion

Tim Drake, St Joseph, MN, Sen. Writer at the Nat'l Catholic Register
From National Treasure to Eternal Treasure Jon Voight Reflects on his life and faith
‘Jane Doe’s’ Story: An Interview With Sandra Cano

American Chesterton Society
Distributism Without the Cow

samrocha” from Maple Grove at Debate, Relate and Pontificate
Quotes on Life Issues by Important Catholic People: Do war and capital punishment have justification in the eyes of the church?

Thomas from a tiny town in way SE MN at Epiphany
Reuterville's misleading again

Scott from South St Paul at Viam Pacis


“Love2Learn Mom” at Studeo (Home Schooling)
Sorry, No Chesterton Post Today
Age Quod Agis Gets Around

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