Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Seal of the Confessional (?) Keeps Seminary Bowl Results Secret, I Guess

But one SPS partisan did report the results in the Stella Borealis Comments Box, if not the stars, scores or the victorious Coach Baer's post game analysis. Maybe it was an act of humility (or embarassment). Anyway, I hope the spy was in the Confession Box the next morning.

"For the record, reliable sources say that SJV beat SPS for the first time in the 7 year history of the friendly fight. As my source said, from the SPS side, "Our Rector says it is kind of like a Holy Year, every 7 years we will let them win a game. We must let there be HOPE." I thought it surprising that he didn't say, "and on the 7th game, we rested!" But anyway. "

Maybe, not just orthodoxy, but athletic prowess too, is a sign of your younger breed of seminarians these days!

See the comments! It was a veritable thumping!

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Anonymous said...

With premission from our Rector I will post information about the game.
SJV Seminary came out with all guns firing and took the lead on their second possesion of the game and never lost it. They won 34-20. The halftime score was 20-13 thanks to a Touchdown pass from Adam Sullivan to his brother Michael Sullivan, both Archdiocese of Indianapolis Seminarians, with the game clock reading 0 seconds.
SJV took a 27-13 lead after a fourth and goal pass was deflected right into the hands of Mitch Millis,a Minneapolis Saint Paul seminarian.
SPS had two attempts to tie the game in the final ten minutes of the game but failed with one drive ending on with a turnover on downs and the other ending with an interception.
SJV sealed the victory with another Sullivan to Sullivan touchdown pass with less than a minute to play in the game.
The victory by SJV was NOT given to them, but rather earned by the players on the field. The Saint Paul seminarians were very good sports about the loss, which is good because I think it will be something they will need to get used to.