Friday, October 13, 2006

DeLaSalle High School Gets $3 Million Pledge From Former Vikings Owner for Football Field

DeLaSalle High School, located on Nicollet Island in Downtown Minneapolis, has just received a pledge for the financing of their proposed new football field next to the school. The school has been attempting to build the field for many years in the face of much neighborhood opposition because the vacation (abandonment) of an old street needed to be approved by the City Council. Major hurdles have passed and it appears that the Council will now approve the needed vacation.

Don't be surprised though that the neighbors, violently opposed to the interrruption of their privacy a half dozen nights a year or so, file a lawsuit preventing the vacation.

DeLaSalle has received a $3 million pledge from alumnus Skip Maas for a high school football field.

Maas, a 1958 DeLaSalle graduate, was a limited partner with the Minnesota Vikings for 10 years. He was a B-squad football player for the Islanders as a sophomore and competed on the Minneapolis school's first wrestling team. He owns Ford Boyer truck dealerships in the Twins Cities area.

"My motivation is that DeLaSalle is a great school, has been one of the bigger influences in my life and has helped contribute to my success," Maas said Thursday. "I wanted to give something back." Charlie Walters, St Paul Pioneer Press

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