Thursday, October 26, 2006

Regional Blogs who post frequently - Oct 26


Ironic Catholic (Humor)
(insert primal scream here)

Cathy of Alex at Recovering Dissident Catholic
Near Occasions of Sin

Terry at Abbey-Roads (Spiritual Subjects)
The Devil made me do it.

Adoro Te Devote (Young Catholic)
Why I am Catholic

Sr. Edith at Monastic Musings (College Sociology Professor)
Should Humans Be Enhanced? Dr. Edmund Pellegrino

Sue at Desperate Irish Housewife (Humor)

Erin at bearing blog (Mom, Engineer)
As depressing as it gets, at least regarding toy yetis.

John Paul at Orbis Catholicus (Student in Rome)
Hallow your Halloween in Rome with us...

Sharon at Clairity’s Place (College English Instructor, Photographer)
License to Academicize

The Hadleys at Our Word (Modern Culture)
October Surprise

Mary (The Roamin’ Roman) at Veritatis Splendor (Female Catholic)
SJV/SPS - Borromeo Weekend!

Dan at Faithmouse (Cartoonist)
Michael J. Fox Goes Back To The Future

Future Priests of the Third Millennium (SPS Seminarians)
Cardinal Martino celebrates Mass and declares holiday

Father “Z” at What Does the Prayer Really Say (Translations, Vatican Subjects)
It’s a matter of priorities

South Dakota

Father Dana at White Around the Collar (Sioux Falls)
Liturgical Music Guidelines

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