Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Divine Mercy Billboards Showing Up in St Paul? Has Anybody Seen Them Elsewhere?


Cathy of Alex who blogs at The Recovering Dissident Catholic, reports that a couple of Divine Mercy Billboards have appeared in St Paul at Maryland and Mackubin and Vandalia and Wabash. Has anybody seen them elsewhere?

They are paid for by a man named Joe Cannon whose web site can be seen

A former Cleveland, Ohio, city councilman, Joe Cannon has dedicated the last four years of his life to promoting the Divine Mercy message through the use of billboards. His first exposure to the Divine Mercy message was in 1992, when he heard a speech by Fr. George Kosicki, CSB, who has promoted the message of Divine Mercy for years. It was not until 2002, that Joe’s billboard campaign was launched. In such a short time, Joe has accomplished an amazing feat: he has posted well over 400 billboards in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Idaho, and New York. He is driven to carry the billboard campaign into other states as well.

An anonymous poster commented to say that "there is one in north Minneapolis on Lowry Avenue between Morgan and Newton."
If anybody can give me the name of the billboard company, I can call them and see where else they may have signs with the Divine Mercy message.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Ray: Good idea. Maybe some folks will report in. Or, at least notice them!

Anonymous said...

There is one in north Minneapolis on Lowry Avenue between Morgan and Newton.

Anonymous said...

Ray, I believe it is a Clearchannel billboard. I know there is another one I saw, maybe in Plymouth.