Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Regional Catholic Bloggers Who Post Frequently: Oct 31


I.C. at
The Ironic Catholic) (Humor)
A Catholic Halloween Treat (for all you mystics)
Caption Contest #7
New Deadly Sin Added By The International Theological Commission
(insert primal scream here)

Cathy of Alex at
Recovering Dissident Catholic (Spiritual, Baseball)
Bat Boy Urges Catholics to Vote!
Farm Family in a Field
Abortionist Dies
All Fools Day

Terry at
Abbey-Roads) (Spirituality, Arts, Culture)
Failure to thrive.
Halloween Costumes...
Leaving Las Vegas
"The sin of the Gentiles is they lack charity."
Why are the blind and the lame with us?

Adoro at
Adoro Te Devote) (Young Catholic)
Darkness Into Light
Jesus, Son of David...have pity on me!
Priest Appreciation
Suicide, Mercy, and Redemption

Sr. Edith at
Monastic Musings) (Sociology Professor)
Who Do You Say That God Is?
Who and Where We Are
Learning By Pushing the Limits
Blaming Obesity

Sharon at
Clairity’s Place) (English Instructor, Photographer)
The Invisible Cage
Pigeon River Falls
Adolescents Have to Question

Mary at
Veritatis Splendor (Young Catholic)
Bleg: Pro-life credit cards?
Mass on All Souls' Day
A change "Pro Multis"...
New Blog Alert!

The Hadleys at
Our Word (Music, Arts, Literature)
Bobby's Reflections
October Surprise
Callas Part II
From the Bookshelf

Father “Z”, Rome, at What Does the Prayer Really Say) (Translations, Vatican Subjects)
Interesting changes in the Curia
3rd Glorious Mystery: Descent of the Holy Spirit
AFQB: Confession If No One Speaks the Language
Roman Sunday “Tridentine-ness”


“Love2Learn Mom” at
Studeo) (Home Schooling)
Bias and History
Prayer Request
The God in the Cave, Part VII
Novena for Life for upcoming Elections


James from Winnipeg at
Convert Man
Wow I just saw The Prestige. Amazing. I delight...
Slow Down The other day, a fella stood behind me ...
Double-Defiling the Precious A bit of a furor has... If This Is True... ...I'm Never Getting a Cellpho...

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