Monday, December 7, 2009

The Good Nuns: Sisters Who Want to Cooperate with the Vatican

from California Catholic Daily; Dec. 7:
Since I have been contacted by many sisters about the refusal of their leaders to cooperate with the Apostolic Visitation, a new Yahoo message group has been started to enable sisters who support the Apostolic Visitation to communicate with each other anonymously. I have been asked to moderate the group, and I would appreciate your assistance in getting the word out via newsletters, blogs, e-mail, links, word of mouth, and any other means.

Below is a description of the group, as found on that home page:

"Many women religious welcome the Apostolic Visitation in the hope that it might bring about an authentic renewal of religious life. Several of these sisters have been searching for a way to be in solidarity with other sisters who see the value and necessity of the Apostolic Visitation at this time in this country.

To answer this need, Ann Carey, author of Sisters in Crisis: The Tragic Unraveling of Women’s Religious Communities, has been asked to moderate a message group wherein sisters who favor the Apostolic Visitation can anonymously be in contact with each other. Ann will periodically send e-mails of interest to group members to keep them informed of news and information about the apostolic visitation.

How to join? All you need is an email account! IMPORTANT: Numerous sisters have voiced concern about remaining anonymous because of fear of reprisal from superiors for their support of the visitation. If that is your case, you can join anonymously by getting a free e-mail account under a pseudonym at, or, and post to the group under the pseudonym so that other readers will not know your identity. If you have trouble setting up such an account, e-mail Ann Carey at"

Also, it is important to get the word out to sisters that the Apostolic Visitation office still welcomes and encourages letters from individual sisters who want to share their experiences and hopes for religious life. Such letters will be treated as confidential.

Sisters may write to:
Mother M. Clare Millea ASCJ
Apostolic Visitation Office
P.O. Box 4328
Hamden, CT 06514-9998

Click here for the group's home page, where sisters can sign up.

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