Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trying to Sort Out What is Going On With Abortion and Health Care

--- Paula Ruddy, Progressive Catholic Voice blog
The U.S. Senate is on the verge of a vote, maybe today, Tuesday, December 8, on the use of federal funds to pay for abortion procedures under the proposed insurance provisions of the health reform package on the table
Federal funds have not been permitted to be used for abortion procedures since 1976. What is the question now? Archbishop John C. Nienstedt is quoted by MPR news reporters Tom Crann and Madeleine Baran on December 3 as saying that, “The question is, What kind of health care do we want as a nation? And any health care program that would include the killing of the unborn is unacceptable.”
Does Archbishop Nienstedt mean that there should be no health care reform at all so long as abortion is legal within the health care system. . . ? [more]

Comment to this blog post posted by Ray Marshall

<> The costs of medical services and medical insurance have been going through the roof these past ten years. The number of those who cannot afford medical insurance is escalating rapidly.

Hospitals and clinics are subsidizing medical care for emergency room patients who can't afford treatment.
Medical insurance plans now routinely have premiums in the thousands of dollars annually. Many have deductibles also in the thousands of dollars.

And the average price of an abortion is maybe $350-400, cash up front, I have read.
Why this incredible amount of pressure for the adoption of abortion coverage in the proposed health care system reform bills now pending?

I would say they are subsidy programs for the for-profit abortion factories like Planned Parenthood.

I would imagine the morning after pills, also condemned by the Catholic Church, are drastically reducing their income.
So the pro-abortion lobby probably would rather see no law passed at all, sacrificing the health of millions of American with serious illnesses, because some of their customers (or their boyfriends) can't come up with 350 bucks?

Maybe Planned Parenthood should do like the hospitals do and give free abortions to those who can't afford them. Just jack up the rates for those with higher incomes and personal insurance, like the hospitals and clinics do for normal medical care.

Then we can have a health care bill that most all will agree upon.

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