Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Alert! Alert! Alert! Guess What's Finally Coming to Town!

Ray from MN is going to the Movies because Into Great Silence is finally coming to town.

Clear your calendars and desks for an impromptu blogger gathering on or soon after Friday, March 30 at the Lagoon Theater in Minneapolis' Uptown when Into Great Silence, the movie that stunned pagan Germany and much of Europe when it was shown there, is coming to town.

This chronicle of life in a Carthusian Monastery where nary a word is heard (OK, I guess there's a couple) which really helped in the dubbing of the film, is said to be a powerful spiritual experience.

Being we will be in the middle of Lent, we'll have to find us a willing accomplice, errrrr, priest, who will relieve us of our popcorn and Milk Duds fasts and other traditional Lentan penances for the occasion. I'd bet a certain ordained soul now on penitential duty down in the southeastern corner of the archdiocese in a nursing home might want to attend himself.

Stay tuned for further details and I hope to see you all there! We could meet at St Joan of Arc for an early evening Mass before showtime! Check out the American Papist for more details and a link to the trailer.
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