Thursday, February 15, 2007

Backstabbing Catholic Blogger goes after his competition in the Catholic Blog Awards Election!

The Curt Jester, who is believed to live in Florida (where they don't know how to count votes) is in a vicious electoral battle with some of the finest of St Blog's Parish Catholic bloggers. He nominated himself for every award, it is said, and is viciously going after his major competition, one of whom is our own, sweet, I.C. The Cad!

This year when you vote in the Funniest Catholic Blog category of the Catholic Blog Awards do you know who you are voting for?

While the Ironic Catholic has a delightfully funny blog, just how much do we know about her? Why is her blog anonymous? What is she hiding? Would we find it Ironic that she is a Catholic if we knew her?

Happy Catholic is another great blog and Julie D. provides both smiles and great insights. But I have it on good authority that she once didn't say grace before a meal.

Paul Nichols at the Catholic Cartoon Blog is one funny guy, but did you know he was born with original sin?

Gerald at The Cafeteria is Closed provides great coverage of the Church and has concluded with many a humorous line. But did you know that he named his blog after something Maureen Dowd wrote in a column? Can you truly trust someone who is such a devotee of Maureen Dowd that he would take his blog name from something she has written?

The Ox Files is a superb parody blog especially on liturgical matters, but opposition research has found that sometimes The Dumb Ox is distracted in prayer.

Kathy Shaidle at Relapsed Catholic has a wit sharper than a Ginzu knife and headlines that regularly invoke laughter, but did you realize that she regularly writes more about Islam than Christianity? Can you really trust a blog named Relapsed Catholic?

Fr. Erik Richtsteig at Orthometer is one funny priest, but shouldn't he be praying, visiting the sick, or something instead of making us laugh so regularly?

The Shrine of the Holy Whapping is surely the funniest group blog, but did you know that their members only put in a buck or some loose change when the collection basket comes around?

If you vote for the Curt Jester I promise you a 20 percent increase in guffaws and a rubber chicken in every pot.

I'm the Curt Jester and I approve this message.

Friday, Noon, Central Time, is the time when the ballot boxes will close! Get Out and Vote!

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