Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Are You Hungry Yet?

Mitchell here.

If you haven't already boned up on this, Jimmy Akin has the definitive guide to fasting and abstinence. Among the highlights (that you might not have known):

  1. "The laws of fast and abstinence do not bind those who have a medical condition that would materially interfere with their performance."
  2. "Beverages, even calorie-laden beverages (milk, OJ, coffee with cream, protein shakes) do not violate the law of fast. "Food" means solids food, not drinks (which count as 'drink'), though disproportionate consumption of caloric beverages violates the spirit of the fast."
  3. "Non-nutritive or non-digestible things taken to curb hunger (e.g., water, dietary fiber) do not violate the law of fast." . . . "The fast is from food (solid nourishment; technically, solid macronutrients), not other things (water, other beverages, fiber, medicine, vitamins)."
  4. The old saying, "You can have one full meal plus two smaller meals as long as they do not add up to a second meal" is FALSE. "The law says that you can have 'some food' twice, and 'some food' is clearly less than a 'full meal,' but it doesn't say anything about how much the two instances of "some food" add up to." . . . "A more helpful way of thinking of it (and a way more in keeping with the way the law is written) is to think of one full meal and two snacks, a snack being something less than a meal."
It's always nice to have clarification on something you only do twice a year. Thanks, Jimmy!
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