Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"The Wanderer": It's Time To Hold "Catholics" Accountable For Their Pro-Choice Views

I stopped down at my neighborhood coffee shop the other day to grab a quick peek at the latest issue of "The Wanderer", the nearly 140 year old National Catholic Weekly newspaper that is published in St Paul. It might not be as timely as the Strib or the PPD, but you can be sure that the Wanderer, originally a German language newspaper, will have all the Catholic news that's fit to print plus a bunch of dang good columnists.

This week's issue had a nice story on the MCCL rally at the State Capitol on Roe v. Wade Day, something largely ignored by the secular media, analyses of some of the presidential political candidates and a signed editorial by publisher, A.J. Matt, Jr., going after the archdiocesan newspaper "The Catholic Spirit" for having giving favorable ink to a pro-abortion Catholic newly elected to the State House of Representatives, Patricia Torres Ray.

Matt said that "...'a woman's right to choose,' the code words that Torres Ray uses are plain to almost everyone. What they mean in plain English is that the proscription against murder as declared by the Fifth Commandment does not apply to the unborn.

Every Catholic shold know that homicide against the unborn is prohibited by God's Law, period. If they do not, they have no right to speak as Catholics on the issue.

Certainly they should not be able to voice such opinions in a Catholic newspaper. Is editor Towalski aware of this? If not, why is he the editor of The Catholic Spirit? Did he inform his employer, Archbishop Flynn, of the details of the Torres Ray piece? If not, why not?

Now that the Archbishop is aware of the details of this scandalous piece, what does he intend to do about it. . . ?" The Wanderer does not provide online copies of more than a small sample of its articles.

A word to the wise for potential subscribers to The Wanderer. Its columnists, the likes of Thomas F. Roeser, Paul Likoudis, Father Kevin M. Cusick, Father John T. Zuhlsdorf ("Father Z" on the internet), Pete Vere and others, are paid by the word and they are all rich. Make sure that you can block out a considerable amount of time for the reading of your weekly issue.

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