Thursday, February 15, 2007

Holy Trinity May Have a Seventh Grade This Fall!

In the February 11th bulletin of Holy Trinity in South Saint Paul, MN, Father John Paul Echert, S.S.L. announces that Holy Trinity will expand from a K-6 to a K-7 school for the 2007-2008 school year! This is contingent upon them meeting their minimum quota of 15 students in 7th grade. Father feels they are on track and it will happen. He thinks the opportunity for a K-8 school is possible, eventually, as well.

Father Echert says: "I am pleased to say that the Holy Trinity school program is solid, and our teachers and staff are very dedicated to the welfare of the children entrusted to their care."

Father Echert is the pastor for both Holy Trinity and St. Augustine in South St. Paul. St. Augustine has permission to celebrate the Tridentine Mass at 11:30 on Sundays.

Holy Parish and St. Augustine families receive a reduced tuition rate at Holy Trinity school.

Holy Trinity has a Perpetual Adoration Chapel. They also recently installed a beautiful angel on the roof. It has spotlights on it and you can see it for some distance. It's just beautiful.

Father Echert is very theologically solid. He has a regular column in the Catholic Servant (an Archdiocesan newspaper of apologetics and catachesis), he is on the list of EWTN Catholic Experts. He is also a military chaplain for the USAF Reserve. No "Catholic lite-cheese" is getting by Fr. Echert so you can be confident that this junior high will be orthodox. He states that Holy Trinity kids enjoy weekly Mass, frequent Confession, daily prayer and religious education. He's also an extremely learned man with a great sense of humor. Stop by and meet his dog, Buddy!

Some exciting things are happening in South Saint Paul. You should check it out! It used to be when people heard of South Saint Paul they thought of meatpacking and Harold Stassen. Not anymore. It's really a center of solid Catholicism in addition to a pleasant community.

The Principal for Holy Trinity is Mr. Lawrence Gallatin (651) 455-8557.
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