Wednesday, February 7, 2007

"The Argument of the Month Club", Feb 13, St Augustine's, South St Paul; Don't Miss It

Your humble reporter has been getting rave reviews about "The Argument of the Month Club" which began at St Helena's in Minneapolis and now convenes at St Augustine's in South St Paul, home of Father (also, Major) John Paul Echert. Extremely interesting topics and large crowds in the hundreds regularly attend. Don't you be the first one to miss it after finding out about it!

The Argument Of The Month Club, a men’s forum for Catholic Apologetics will host speaker Dale Ahlquist, who will speak on “The New Jerusalem—G.K. Chesterton on Christians, Muslims and Jews.” The event is being held at St Augustine’s Catholic Church, 408-3rd Street North in South St. Paul, Mn. The social begins at 6:30 pm, dinner at 7:00pm and the lecture following. The cost is $12 at the door. For information, contact Kent Wuchterl at 612-722-8444.

Map to St Augustine's
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