Friday, February 2, 2007

Minnesota's Benedictine Sisters: Changed ministries, same core values

Since the sisters of St. Benedict’s Monastery [in St Joseph, MN, outside of St Cloud] have been involved in Minnesota health care since 1886, it may not seem unusual to find Sister Michon Lanners, 71, working at St. Therese Home in New Hope.

But Sister Michon is not a doctor or nurse.

Rather than care for the residents’ physical health — as many of her Benedictine predecessors did — Sister Michon focuses on others’ spiritual well-being as a pastoral caregiver.

Her work includes the ministry of presence, counseling and helping residents meet their spiritual needs.

A sister for 52 years, she’s experienced the changes in how the community lives out its mission while maintaining the roots that secured it in Minnesota in 1857 — hospitality, service, community and prayer.

Discerning their gifts

Today, the Sisters of St. Benedict minister in a variety of ways across the state.

In the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, they are employed in schools, health care facilities, diocesan offices and parishes, although not always in traditional positions. In the St. Cloud diocese, their monastery’s home, their work is similar.

“We’re really much more open to looking at a variety of needs — whatever are the needs of the church at the present moment, how we can fit into that, and how we can keep our Benedictine charism alive in that ministry no matter what it is,” Sister Michon said. [....Snip] Catholic Spirit

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