Wednesday, September 20, 2006

America Must Stand with South Dakota

Earlier this year, the South Dakota legislature made history by passing a law to protect children in the womb — and their mothers — by banning abortion. Inspired by South Dakota's leadership, other states started preparing similar life-saving laws, and a renewed sense of hope began to spread across America.

Now the South Dakota abortion ban is in serious trouble — and your help is desperately needed.

Unless faithful believers throughout America provide an immediate — and mighty — outpouring of prayers, volunteer efforts, and financial support for the people of South Dakota, Planned Parenthood is poised to kill the ban, kill the hopes of similar bans in at least 12 other states, and kill over 250,000 innocent children at its abortion facilities across the country in the next 12 months.

In fact, at this very moment Planned Parenthood is unleashing an unprecedented $8 million "shock and awe" bombardment of South Dakota airwaves in an effort to crush the abortion ban and deal a devastating blow to pro-life legislators attempting to enact abortion bans around the country.

Their greatest needs fall into three categories:

• Nationwide prayer. Believers are already beginning to fall on their knees, fervently asking God to protect every innocent child and mother from abortion, and asking that His will be done in South Dakota. Let's keep spreading the word until the entire Body of Christ has joined together in this prayer.

• Volunteers. Anyone who can get themselves to South Dakota will be able to jump right into the action and volunteer with the effort. Call their headquarters today at 605-271-3975 and find out how you can use your gifts and talents to help make history.

• Emergency financial support. In contrast to Planned Parenthood's $8 million war chest, media outlets in South Dakota recently reported that — the group that formed to protect the abortion ban — had less than $89,000 in their accounts. This is truly a David versus Goliath situation. Yes, these noble workers have truth and justice on their side, but they also have an enormous need for funds. Funds to print yard signs, brochures, and bumper stickers. Funds to set up computers and phone banks. Funds to pay for gas as they get people to the polls. And funds to run television, radio, and newspaper ads to set the record straight about the ban. South Dakota is one of the least expensive media markets in the nation, and a little bit of money goes a long way. (A 30-second spot on Good Morning America costs only $150. That's absolutely unheard of in most places around the country.) There is no limit to how much you can give, and you can make an instant impact by making your donation online at or by calling 605-271-3975. If you prefer, you can send a check made out to in the mail to: 600 N. Western Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104.
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