Saturday, September 16, 2006

Will "The Pope and the Witch" Be Met With Violence?

The Curt Jester, the premier humorist in St Blog's Parish, who blogs at his eponymous site, has been commenting on the worldwide violence and protest in the Islamic world in a reaction to the Pope's speech to the academics of the University in Regensburg, a speech that has not yet been translated into the languages of Islamic countries. He then found time to comment on the scheduled sacreligious play, "The Pope and the Witch" that the UofMN's Theater Department has scheduled for next March.

In the meantime the University of Minnesota is doing a play called the "Pope and the Witch" which has a heroin-addicted and paranoid Pope John Paul II in it. Now I don't worry about this play since I know some Catholic will either behead the people involved or blow themselves up in the audience. So why waste time critiquing this play. I know this to be true since Rosie O'Donnell recently said “Christian Fundamentalists are just as dangerous as Islamic Fundamentalists.” If the play was about Muhammad it would certainly incite violence either here or overseas. Maybe a riot will break out at anytime in St. Peter's Square. I am sure I saw someone outside of adoration recently with a sign that said "Behead those who insult Catholicism." The Curt Jester

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