Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Website Details Thousands of Violent Crimes by Abortion Supporters

Human Life International--the world’s largest pro-life, pro-family civil rights organization with over 90 affiliates in 75 countries around the world--today announced the launch of its newest web-based informational resource:

“This website exposes the pro-choice movement as the most violent political movement in United States history. In fact, we have documented over 7,000 acts of violence and illegal activities by those who support or practice abortion,” stated Brian Clowes, Ph. D., senior analyst for HLI. “We have launched this site to expose this troubling truth and to draw attention to the fact that this violence is escalating at a very disturbing rate. Since 2000, there have been an astonishing 269 homicides and other killings committed by the pro-abortion movement.” also exposes how the pro-abortion movement has systematically targeted minorities and had a devastating impact upon the African-American community. “Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a known eugenicist who bragged about speaking before meetings of the KKK and at one time wanted the organization’s slogan to be ‘to breed a race of thoroughbreds,’” explained Clowes. “Sanger’s vision has set the agenda for Planned Parenthood and much of the pro-abortion movement to this very day.”

This fact was drawn into clear focus in the recent story that detailed how a Maine couple had abducted their 19-year old daughter, bound her hands and feet and were transporting her to New York for a late-term abortion simply because the child’s father was black.

“This was not an act of compassion, this was not an act of concern and it was certainly not an act of love on the part of this couple from Maine,” observed Clowes. “Abortion is one of the most violent acts known in the history of mankind and its acceptance into our otherwise civil society has served to breed more and more violence to the point where we are now witnessing parents who physically subdue and kidnap their own children in an effort to force them to abort their unborn grandchildren.”

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