Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Our 'Desperate'" Hits the Big Time in NRO: "Cybergate Minnesota"

Our very own "Desperate" who has entertained us with her humor at Desperate Irish Housewife, shows another side of herself this week when an article by her is found on the National Review Online's website. It worthy to note that "Ms. Desperate's" (I think she might deserve more respect now) article is featured immediately after that of William F. Buckley, founder of the National Review and much that is conservative in this country.

Her article deals with a person who snooped and cracked the password system at an ad agency and passed on a TV ad that had not been shown puublicly to the campaign of Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar who is running for Minnesota's U.S. Senate seat against Sixth District Congressman Mark Kennedy.

D'ya suppose we might lose Ms. Desperate? She has appeared in NRO Online in the past, I believe

[....snip....] On Wednesday, Pat Shortridge, Kennedy’s campaign manager, got a phone call from Ben Goldfarb, who is managing the campaign for Amy Klobuchar. Goldfarb asked Shortridge for his e-mail address and told Shortridge to keep a close watch on his inbox. A special announcement was coming from Klobuchar headquarters.

The “special announcement” arrived later that day: On Saturday, September 16, an unnamed blogger had sent the Klobuchar campaign’s communications director, Tara McGuinness, a link to an as yet unreleased television ad from Kennedy’s campaign. The link was lifted from the website of the firm that made the ad, Scott Howell and Associates TK of Dallas, Texas. McGuinness had watched the ad and had ordered her staff to watch it too.

“When we learned of this occurrence,” Goldfarb went on, “Ms. Klobuchar directed that I take immediate action. I instructed the blogger that sending information like this to the campaign was wrong and not to send us any further advertisements. I then asked for and received Ms. McGuinness’ resignation. Ms. Klobuchar also directed that the incident be reported to federal law enforcement for their review. That report has been made and the Klobuchar campaign will cooperate fully with law enforcement.”

The next day the unnamed “local blogger” called a press conference, or rather his lawyer’s PR firm did. He turned out to be something more than just your average blogger. [....snip] National Review Online

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