Monday, September 25, 2006

Canadian Same-Sex 'Marriage's Real Goal is to Abolish All Marriage Says Author

In a National Review Online article this past February, U.S. author/researcher Stanley Kurtz charged that Canadians still don't get it that the legal change to the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples is part of an overall strategy to completely abolish marriage in Canada.

The Tories promised motion to re-visit the same-sex marriage issue in Parliament is about to be introduced this October or November and yet many religious and other groups and pro-marriage Canadians are perceived by pro-family leaders as again making only weak, half-hearted efforts to support the motion. The Stanley Kurtz article may help Canadians become more aware about the severe consequences of losing the vote on that motion and the vote on any following bill to re-instate the traditional definition of marriage.

Kurtz starts his article by noting the mid-January 2006 Justice Department study that called for the decriminalization and regulation of polygamy.

With that in mind he follows: "And even that is only part of the story. Canadians, let me be brutally frank. You are being played for a bunch of fools by your legal-political elite. Your elites mumble a confusing jargon to your face to keep you from understanding what they really have in mind." [....snip] []

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