Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Five Things Meme

Cathy_of_Alex, our Novice Blogger at The Recovering Dissident Catholic tagged me with this meme after she got tagged by Georgette, our Hyderabad blogger, who blogs at Chronicle of a Meandering Traveller. (Is it my imagination or are blog titles getting longer and longer? This, of course coming from the guy who has Stella Borealis Catholic Roundtable). I'm a little nervous about doing this one because Georgette's computer died right after she did it. And mine applied for social security benefits last week. We'll see.

Five Things in My Freezer:

Being that there are only about 7 thing there right now, this one was easy:

1. 4 empty ice cube trays. But I might put some pesto sauce in there per Desperate.
2. 5 pieces of 12 grain bread. I always freeze my bread
3. 7 "crunchy" fish sticks (not as "crunchy" as advertised, let me tell you)
4. 1/3 stick of chorizo sausage
5. 1 unopened pkg of Broccoli cuts

Five Things in My Closet:

1. 1 backpack (see below for contents)
2. 13 LP's, not played since the 70s
3. 1 homemade foot stool for my very short grandma, probably 102 years old
4. 1 volley ball (never inflated - don't recall how I came across that)
5. 1 Carousel slide projector with a burnt out bulb (which are very pricey, by the way)

Five Things in My Car:

1. 1 empty container of power steering fluid (don't ask)
2. 2 empty Aldi's shopping bags (20 cents is 20 cents)
3. 1 mylar blanket to keep me from freezing to death here in Minnesota (see below for candle)
4. 1 pair Sorel boots (see 3, above)
5. 1 Heavy Duty jumper cable (to keep my car, Bill, from freezing to death. See 1, above.)

Five Things in My Backpack:

I'd forgotton that I had a backpack. Wow, this stuff is OLD!

1. 1 pair polypropylene thin gloves for use in cross country skiing under an outer glove.
2. 1 candle, no matches, (To keep me warm as I huddle under the mylar blanket that is in my car (see above)
3. 1 chapstick, never used
4. 3 tube things of cross country ski wax (blue and light green)
5. 2 pieces of downhill ski wax (now thats really, really old!) (blue and orange)

Hmmmm. Who shall I tag? Or is it "whom?" How about
The Ironic Catholic, she must have humorous items that didn't make the cut for her funny blog, Erin, the new Mom from bearing blog with three young kids now must have lots of really interesting things, not a few broken, one supposes, Dan "Faithmouse" Lacey has got to have lots of crayons and pencils, if nothing else, Dan Wambeke from Lumen Fidei, a graduate student at Ave Maria has got to have lots of research notes on subjects I could never understand and Judith from Our Word, whose spouse is finishing up the "Great American Novel" probably has lots of notes on Opera and Symphonies that could educate us cultural heathens.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Ray: I KNEW you would have interesting stuff. I'm glad I tagged you. You have definitely revealed to all your native Minnesota status with your gear.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Hi Ray--
I already did this one!

The Ironic Catholic said...

(Can't figure out the HTML, but here it is.)