Saturday, September 16, 2006

Should Pope Benedict Visit Turkey? Should Turkey be Part of Europe?


Turkey seems to be a major center of objections to the Pope's Regensburg speech. Turkey has seen the unprovoked killing of at least two priests within the last year by Turkish men. Turkey has a big border dispute problem on the Island of Cyprus with the Country of Cyprus. Turkey has a huge minority problem called "Kurds."

The Kurdish population is spread over Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan and should have become a nation after World War I, but just chalk that up to another one of England's screw-ups.

Rumors and facts are dictating that the Pope should cancel his long wanted visit to Tukey next month. Should he cancel?

The bigger question is, how much does Turkey lose by not having the Pope visit there, on top of the killings of priests, when it appears again before the European Union's "admissions committee."

Turkey wants real bad to be admitted to the EU. Lots of money and credibility are at stake.

Is Turkey really part of Europe? The geographers say a tiny part of it is. But is it really? Should it be politically part of Europe?

If Turkey becomes part of the European Union, will Christians be able to erect churches in Turkish towns and worship openly?

Or is making Turkey part of the Union the key to the secularists' "de-Christianization plan" for the entire European Union?

How come journalists and poltiticians don't ask these kinds of questions?

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