Sunday, May 11, 2008

Guess where I went to Mass today?


The 12:00 Mass at the Cathedral of St. Paul, as promoted by them, was attended by about 49 people wearing the rainbow sash to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the Roman Catholic Church because it won't meet their demands for changes in dogmas, teachings and practices. The ace archdiocesan crowd counter provide the exact number for Stella Borealis. The size of the group last year was about 15. Their announcement last week asked for a large turnout to great our new Archbishop, John Nienstedt.

Before his homily, the celebrant, Father John Paul Erickson, gave a five minute warning to those wearing the sash that it was deemed to be a sign of protest before receiving a sacrament and that those wearing it would only receive a blessing from the priest or deacon distributing the Eucharist.

One additional female sympathizer, not wearing a sash, did take a Sacred Host in her hand, faked consuming it, and then returned to her pew and attempted to pass it to a be-sashed protestor. That person refused it as an usher rushed up to stop the attempted sacrilege.

Father Erickson's announcement also contained a warning to non-protestors in attendance that words or physical contact were not Christ-like and must not be used against the protestors after Mass. The announcement will be posted here when it is received from Father Erickson.

Speaking of ushers, that Cathedral crew is certainly well-trained. Just like the U.S. Secret Service on Presidential Detail.

Except they don't wear little coded buttons on their lapels, speak regularly into their armpits or travel in Cadillac Escalade limos. Some of them are a little pudgier, too. Although, who says pudgy is bad?


Marc said...

I wish Father would have also spoken about how it is a sacralige to distribute to others the blessed sacrament that they were given.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Ray: That sash looks terrible on you! (kidding)

I'm glad you were there to report on it.

I really wish that Communion in the hand would be denied at these events. It would prevent the kind of attempted sacrilege that woman tried. I'm sure she thought she was being kind but she was wrong to do that.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Yeah, what would be so hard about communion on the tongue for something like this? Although, it would bring up the idea of people actually taking the Host OUT of their mouths to give it to someon...Ho boy, now THAT would be extreme. I don't even want to THINK about that! I went to a TLM yesterday AND today! I forgot all about the rainbow sash hubub. I'm so glad I don't have to think about all that nonsense on Pentecost. I feel sorry for everyone that does, though.

Anonymous said...

Longtime reader. First time poster. Usher of the Eucharist. I saw a lady center aisle right receive and immediately backtrack center aisle left and proceed to break and distribute the Host to others previously denied the Sacrament due to their rainbow sashes. Approached her politely after Mass and told her I would be offering a Rosary for her sacrilege. She looked at me... without apparent comprehension.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment, Anon.

I doubt that anybody in that group would be familiar with the word or concept, "sacrilege."