Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Pope's Message to Colleges was heard in Aberdeen, SD

Kudos to Presentation College!

SD State Senator Dis-Invited as Commencement Speaker Because of her Support of Abortions

A state senator who was scheduled to speak at Presentation College's commencement Saturday in Aberdeen said she was disinvited because of her views on abortion.

Sen. Nancy Turbak Berry, of Watertown, said she heard of the college's decision not to allow her to address the graduates on Friday.

"I was told I was not welcome to speak, because I do not share the Catholic Church's position on the proper role of government in decisions about reproduction," Turbak Berry said. "While not an especially defining issue for me, I have always been candid about my view that government should have a limited role in what I consider to be very personal decisions."

Turbak Berry said her views were a matter of public record long before she was invited to speak. She accepted the invitation in January.

Bishop Paul Swain replaced Turbak Berry as the commencement speaker, although her name was still in the program and her absence wasn't publicly addressed.

"The college made an administrative decision to withdraw the invitation," JoEllen Lindner, vice president for enrollment and student retention services at Presentation, said following the commencement. Aberdeen News

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Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Good to see the Pope is being listened to :)