Saturday, May 10, 2008

Raymond Edward Luther Marshall??????????

Excuses, excuses, abuses! More good news from 226 Summit Avenue!

A short while ago, [a friend] witnessed a confirmand with the name "Luther" on his name tag.

[He reports that ] Lo and behold, on his first day as Diocesan Bishop, His Excellency [Archbishop Nienstedt] made known to all DREs and Confirmation directors his wish that all confirmandi would chose a saint's name, whether their baptismal name or another, in order to bind themselves to a heavenly patron.

He has also restored a note of simplicity to the mass-Confirmation Masses (100-250 confirmands from multiple parishes). Previously the sponsor and the whole family came up with the confirmand, but Archbishop Nienstedt restored the liturgical practice of confirmand and sponsor alone approaching the bishop. And whereas catechisms were handed to the newly confirmed immediately after each was confirmed, the catechisms are now distributed beforehand. The effect: confirmation goes quicker (without being rushed) and the focus is more clearly on the administration of the sacrament.

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