Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Movies: a first time subject for Stella Borealis

For me, two movies in a year would be a very big deal.

I just received my latest issue of the Riverview schedule and it looks like I will be seeing three, NEXT WEEK! The Riverview, three bucks regular, two bucks for matinees, is only six blocks away. I can afford to drive. I should walk.

1. Leatherheads: The Duluth Eskimos; 'nuff said

2. Persepolis: 2,500 years ago I studied Farsi;, no, that was when Persepolis ruled the world. I need to see that. "Persepolis" is Greek; today it is "Takhte Jamshid".

3. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly: It might help me at my volunteer gig at a hospital.


Terry Nelson said...

I should go too.

swissmiss said...

2500 years ago would put you close to being at the tower of Babel :)

I've only heard of Leatherheads. The second sounds interesting, but the third is a puzzler.