Friday, October 1, 2010

Extraordinary! St. Benedict's in Duluth has the Mass in Latin in both forms!

Indeed, brick by brick!

St. Benedict parish in Kenwood in Duluth, my parish emeritus (after they closed St. Anthony of Padua on E 8th Street, now offers the Mass in Latin in both liturgical forms.

Ordinary Form: 8:00 a.m., First Saturdays of the month. Probably a Marian Mass, too.

Extraordinary Form: 1:00 p.m., First and Third Sundays

They don't seem to be in their calendar, though. But I heard it first from a reputable source whose name I can't remember.

Reconciliation: Saturday 4:00pm
Rosary: Saturday 4:30pm
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: Every Friday 8:30am-Noon and First Fridays 8:30am until Benediction @ 8:00pm
Stations of the Cross: Friday 7:00pm outside on Prayer Walk

On Sunday, August 15, they celebrated a Traditional Latin Polyphonic High Mass at St. Benedict's at 1:00pm.

So things seem to be going just fine at St. Ben's under the direction of Father Eric Hastings.


Anonymous said...

Ray, what would it take to spread this idea into the Diocese of Superior? LOL!


Unknown said...


Any one priest could do it, not needing permission, according to Pope Benedict's Motu Proprio.

I know a priest who might eventually do it, but he is in Mellen right now, south of Ashland. Father Bill Brenna.

But he just was assigned there in June. And he would need to know that there was interest from probably 30 or more people who would attend each week.

This wouldn't be his highest priority right now. This is his first assignment as a pastor. He is a second vocation priest, ordained just two years ago or so.

But if you ever get out to Mellen (Holy Rosary parish), I'm sure he would be interested in talking to you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've heard tell of Fr. Brenna. As you point out, he's busy getting his "second" career off to a very good start. But who knows? maybe one day.....

Keep up the your good work, Ray.


Anonymous said...

This was the Parish that had to endure the former Pastor, who is now the former Rev. Mark Makowski, (now an openly gay advocate and Episcopalian) who did time for sexual assault of a Minor (male), and a dissenting Youth Minister, who made a huge stink when his annual contact was not renewed by a previous Pastor.

Badger Catholic said...

Ray, that is the church we were going to visit instead of Mary, Star of the Sea on our vacation this summer. The church building itself looked a bit modern but hey, a beautiful liturgy is worth the eyesore. I think this parish was near the colleges also?

William, if you know a priest interested, I also know some priests in the diocese of La Crosse that would be happy to help him get started.

Unknown said...


Yup. I guess architecture and design isn't everything!

St. Ben's is on my list for my next First Sunday visit to Duluth.

Anonymous said...

I was just there on Sunday 10/3/10. A 1960 church but they have done a lot to spruce it up... frescoes, statues, frontals, even the "Benedictine" altar arrangement. Latin chant communion antiphon. I was very edified.

Dave in MN

Unknown said...

Thanks, Dave!

I'm looking forward to my next visit up to see my sister.

And I'd bet Badger Catholic is interested in going back.