Monday, October 25, 2010

Minnesota Catholic Bloggers Holding Their Own on the NewsBobber Top 100 Blog List

The Associated Press has come out with a story entitled "Lay Catholic bloggers aim to purge dissenters", an article that concentrates on three or four of the many thousands of Catholic bloggers in the country who criticize Church officials who stray from official teachings.

It is a giant leap of logic to think that this tiny number of individuals might be able to alter the behavior of dissidents and liturgical experimenters after 50 years of them having had free reins on their activities.

What these few volunteer blogging observers are doing is providing the same role that the enormously well-paid AP critics do when they when they review activities on the screen, in the arts, in books, magazines, sports, theater, dance and other events. The most they can hope for is to influence their readers to write a letter to the perpetrators, or their superior.

If the AP knew anything about blogging at all, they would realize that there is a huge amount of diversity in blogging and only a tiny number of bloggers are playing the "liturgy cop" role.

The Newsbobber blog, provides a wonderful digest of Minnesota news and provides a list of the top 100 blogs by popularity in the State of Minnesota. Five Catholic bloggers, none of whom could be considered as liturgy cops are on that list and demonstrate that diversity.

No. 26, with a score of 7.8, "Adoro", blogging at her Adoro te Devote blog, provides a very open glimpse of what it is like to be a young Catholic woman.

No. 43, 7.1, John Sonnen, blogging at Orbis Catholicus, and (not rated by NewsBobber) Orbis Catholicus Secundus, is a graduate student in Rome who also has a tour guide business. Lots of great photography and information on the Church in Rome.

No. 71, 6.5, Margaret, blogging as Minnesota Mom, provides a glimpse of her life and family.

No. 78, 6.5, The Ironic Catholic, blogging at her blog of that name, a theology professor at a Catholic university, and mom, provides some Catholic humor for a world that needs more of it.

No. 80, 6.4, Terry Nelson, a "starving artist" and cat lover, blogging at Abbey-Roads, provides his opinions on many of the issues that are confronting the Church today, especially by members and those who want to be members. He also has a second blog, Up Your Street, where he displays some of his artwork.

Congratulations to these five talented people who provide a very interesting bit of perspective on what Catholics are really like.


Adoro said...

Awww! Ray, you called me "young"! For that reason (besides the fact you're my friend) you have my undying loyalty!

Did Cathy give you your book back for me? The one you lent me for grad school? I know you wanted it back and I appreciate your willingness to part with it for awhile.


The Ironic Catholic said...

Wow, I had no idea. Pretty cool. Thanks!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

What an auspicious honor! :P

I saw the article you refer to--drove me nuts.