Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick Summary of major parish changes


For most parishes there will be no structural change under the strategic plan. No structural changes in schools are announced as part of the plan. Therefore, no schools are listed here.


Parish merger: two or more parish communities merge into one community with one pastor; in each merging relationship there is one parish designated as a receiving parish; the assets and liabilities of a merging parish will be incorporated into the receiving parish (this means that the receiving parish will acquire the church building of any merging parish); Masses will continue to be celebrated at the church building of the merging parish until a decision which contradicts such use is made by the parish pastoral and finance councils of the receiving parish community, in consultation with the Archbishop and the Presbyteral Council; parish mergers are subject to appeal; mergers will happen as the capacity to handle them effectively and pastorally allows.

Parish cluster: two or more parishes that share a pastor; clustered parishes may also share some staff and programming; cluster arrangements will not go into effect before June 1, 2011; questions or concerns about cluster arrangements will be addressed at open meetings in each affected parish; parishes in a cluster arrangement retain their parish status and basic organizational structure; clustering does not necessarily lead to merger of parishes.

Identified for structural collaboration:

two or more parishes each with their own pastor that are specifically identified to work in collaboration, i.e. sharing resources, cooperating on programming, etc.; while all parishes are called into greater collaboration under the strategic plan, the parishes in this category are specifically asked to engage in particular cooperation and communication with neighboring parishes; many of these sites may eventually move toward a cluster.

Designation as oratory: an oratory is a worship site established for a particular community or group of the faithful; often, oratories are simply another worship site within a parish; there are some limitations as to what liturgical celebrations can take place in an oratory, for example: all communities are encouraged to participate in Mass on Sundays at the parish church; funerals are only permitted in an oratory with a dispensation from the diocesan bishop; there must be a just cause for a baptism to take place outside of the parish church. Pioneer Press


All Saints, cluster with St. Boniface

Annunciation, receiving parish for Visitation

Ascension, no change

Basilica, no change

Christ the King, no change

Communidad Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, to be determined

Holy Cross, merge with St. Clement and St Hedwig, to St. Anthony of Padua

Holy Name, cluster with St. Leonard of Port Maurice

Holy Rosary, no change

Incarnation, no change

Our Lady of Lourdes, no change

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, no change

Our Lady of Peace, no change

Our Lady of Victory, no change

St. Albert the Great, no change

St. Anne - St. Joseph Hien, no change

St. Austin, merge with St. Bridget

St. Cyril and Methodius, no change

St. Frances Cabrini, no change

St. Helena, no change

St. Joan of Arc, no change

St. Lawrence, no change

St. Olaf, no change

St. Phillip, no change

St. Stephen, no change

St. Thomas the Apostle, no change

St. Paul

Assumption, no change

Blessed Sacrament, receiving parish for St. Thomas the Apostle, identified for structural collaboration with St Pascal Baylon, move towards cluster with St. Pascal Baylon

Cathedral of St. Paul, receiving parish for St. Vincent de Paul

Holy Spirit, no change

Lumen Christi, no change

Maternity of Mary, receiving parish for St. Andrew and identified for structured collaboration with Holy Childhood

Nativity of Our Lord, no change

Our Lady of Guadalupe, identified for collaboration with St. Matthew and St. Michael, move towards cluster

Sacred Heart, no change

St. Adalbert, move for structured collaboration with St. Columba, move towards cluster

St. Agnes, no change

St. Andrew Kim, no change

St. Bernard, no change

St. Casimir, cluster with St. Patrick

St. Cecilia, no change

St. James, receiving parish with St. Francis de Sales, identified for structured collaboration with St. Stanislaus

St. John, merge with St. Pascal Baylon
St. Louis, King of France, no change

St. Mark, no change

St. Mary, no change

St. Peter Claver, no change

St. Thomas More, no change


Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, no change

St. Bonaventure, no change

St. Edward, no change


Our Lady of Grace, receiving parish for Most Holy Trinity, St. Louis Park


St. John the Evangelist, cluster to potential merger with St. Joseph


Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, no change

St. Jerome, Maplewood, identified for structured collaboration with St. John the Evangelist, Little Canada, cluster


Assumption, no change

St. Peter, cluster with St; Richard


Corpus Christi, identified for structured collaboration with St. Rose of Lima, move towards cluster

St. Louis Park

Holy Family, no change

South St. Paul

Holy Trinity, receiving parish for St. Augustine, identified for collaboration with St. John Vianney, move towards cluster


St. Charles, Bayport, cluster with St. Mary’s and St. Michael, Stillwater


St. Mark, cluster to potential merger with St. Mary and St. Mary of the Purification

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