Friday, October 1, 2010

Same-sex "Marriage": Who Sounded the Retreat for conservatives?

In the history of war, we can observe many cases of battles where someone mistakenly sounds the retreat when victory was in sight.
Traditional marriage has been taken to the polls 31 times and has won each time. So the homosexual movement resorts to judicial activists to impose its agenda.

This seems to be the case against same-sex “marriage.” Traditional marriage has never been defeated. Thirty-one times it has been taken to the polls and thirty-one times it has won. Even in the bluest of blue states—California—it won against all expectations. In Maine, pro-family activists overturned the decision of the legislature. In New York, a same-sex “marriage” measure was defeated despite every effort by the Democratic majority in both houses to force it through.

Homosexual activists in Massachusetts quaked in fear at the prospect that it might be put to the vote. District of Columbia councilmen overturned any possibility that residents might have a say in their government.

Here we have an ideal issue which shows the tyranny of judicial activism at its worst. In the few cases, where same-sex “marriage” has been imposed upon us, most have been through judicial fiat. It is the conservative issue that best shows the brutality of the liberal agenda.

The desperation is capped by a decision of Judge Vaughn Walker which struck down the California Marriage Amendment. Here is a court decision stacked with evidence that is blatantly unscientific and biased. Here we have a single judge nullifying the votes of seven million Californians and redefining marriage in a single stroke.

With thirty-one states banning the practice with constitutional amendments, the other side has no real future—except to sound the retreat.
With 31 states banning same-sex “marriage,” who is spreading rumors that traditional marriage is a “lost cause?”

To sound the retreat? Yes, to spread the rumors that the traditional marriage cause is lost. With the Judge Walker decision, there are those who are saying there is an air of inevitability to the eventual destruction of marriage in America.

At the moment of our greatest victory, we are told that it is time to give up. Some “lions” of the right are beginning to make statements supporting civil unions or same-sex “marriage”—Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and even Glenn Beck are saying this most important matter is no longer that important and it is time to move on (click here). Practical political “strategists” are saying we need to court the tiny part of that two percent of the American population which is homosexual—even at the risk of losing a much greater percent of their normal political base.

And yet almost nothing has changed. There is still some 80 percent of Republicans that support marriage as a union of one man and one woman and 40 percent of Democrats share in the opposition to same-sex “marriage.”

Thus, we have to ask: Who is sounding the retreat?

Now is the time to sound the charge!

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Vianney1100 said...

I can tell you that our great archbishop is definately not retreating. Last weekend when he was celebrating Mass at St. John's University a group of "GLBT" student supporters arranged to wear rainbow buttons. The sat in the section where they would be seen and go to the archbishop for the Eucharist. However, once they got up to receive, he denied them. Of course, Catholics who know their faith understand why; you cannot make a play games with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. As you would expect they made a big fuss about this not being "welcoming". Its not welcoming to Christ in the Eucharist when you recieve him unworthily and attempt to use him for your own purposes. There were many theologically flawed quotes from the PRISM group members and unfortunately, from a priest who was my FR when I was a student there. The article is in the student newspaper but is not in their on-line edition yet. It may be next week at if you would like to read it.
We have a great shepherd in Archbishop Nienstedt.

Unknown said...

V1100 - Thank you.

Keep 'em coming.