Friday, January 26, 2007

Archbishop Burke Warns US Legal Infanticide, Euthanasia are Next

Archbishop Raymond Burke, archbishop of St. Louis, MO, (formerly Bishop of La Crosse, WI) addressed the annual March for Life’s Rose Dinner and delivered a message of both encouragement and warning for the pro-life population of the United States.

The Rose Dinner is held every year at the Hyatt Regency in Washington, D.C. in the evening after the March for Life and, according to its website, is an opportunity “to enjoy delicious food, learn about important pro-life issues, and toast to the hope for a successful pro-life year.”

Burke began his address reminding his listeners that another crucial front has arisen in the battle against the culture of death. “Given the legalization of procured abortion in our nation, we should really not be surprised that now the agents of the culture of death seek a constitutional guarantee of the right to generate artificially and destroy embryonic human life. A nation that permits abortion at any stage, including the practice of partially delivering a baby into the world in order to destroy it brutally, has so deadened its conscience that it is no longer horrified at the thought of embryonic stem cell research, which has rightly been called Frankensteinien.”

Referring to his home state of Missouri’s passage of Amendment 2 at the end of last year, Burke described the amendment as a constitutional amendment which “guarantees the right to clone human life and to destroy the embryonic human life created in order to harvest stem cells.” The archbishop attributed the passage of the amendment despite Missouri’s identity as a pro-life state to the citizens succumbing “to the diabolically clever lies propagated by the financially and socially powerful proponents of the proposed Amendment 2.” [....Snip]
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