Friday, January 26, 2007

Bishop Swain Visits Catholic Schools

South Dakota's newest bishop is reaching out to the youngest members of the Sioux Falls diocese. Bishop Paul Swain is going to school celebrating Catholicism.

Bishop Swain started his day at St. Michael, St. Katherine Drexel School, and to keep with tradition he opened up the floor for questions and comments. He answered everything from "Are you a comedian?" to "What's that red thing on your head," and "How old are you?" “Last week one said 90, yesterday one said 100. 70 was good today haha,” says Bishop Swain.

But the Bishop says the visits go beyond questions and answers.

“Part of it is I hope they feel a sense of Catholic identity. The church is bigger than just their area and that it’s a loving a caring environment for them to grow in.”

After mass, Bishop Swain toured the school and visited each classroom. Students asked, "What college did you go to?" Each time he entered a room, eyes widened and hands flew up.

Bishop Swain says, “Part of it is for me to see the schools and to see the work that's being done. Part of it is so the kids can see the Bishop and have some sort of sense that he's a person who cares about them.”

Along with answering questions in each class he prayed with the children. Next week is Catholic Schools week and Bishop Swain will lead the All-City mass on Friday. KELOLand TV

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