Sunday, January 14, 2007

Doppel Blogger Terry is Resuming as Triple Blogger Terry! Not by Choice

Doppel-Blogger Terry, who runs Abbey-Roads and the Leaflet Missal blog, besides working 50 or 60 hour weeks and taking care of cats, etc, has decided to become Triple-Blogger Terry and resurrect Rome-ing Catholics, the progenitor of the Leaflet Missal blog. I wish I could say that he is doing it by choice because he has learned to type on two computers at once. No, it's something we all might be aware that it could happen to us.

I was locked out of Abbey-Roads by eblogger's spam robot or a disgruntled reader - I have to wait while Blogger reviews my site. In the meantime I reactivated Rome-ing Catholics. I'll keep it up from now on, even after Abbey is out of lock-down. Any chance you could announce this? And maybe add me to your links again?
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