Friday, January 19, 2007

Terry-the-mobil-blogger of Abbey-Roads has another new home at Abbey-Roads 2

If you've been wondering what has happened to the wonderful and sometimes puzzling Abbey-Roads blog that seems to be dead in the water, so has much of the rest of St Blogs Parish. Apparently his site was hacked and the Blogger geeks haven't been able to fix it quickly enough for a guy who is so plum full of thoughts waiting to be posted.

So what shows up on a different blog provider but Abbey-Roads2, looking like a handyman's special that Terry personally built from scratch with hammer and saw and got up just in time so we wouldn't forget him.

Stop over and say hello to the now quadruple-blogger Terry (he also has Rome-ing Catholics and the Leaflet Missal Company blog where you should be buying your Rosaries and other paraphernalia. Incidentally, Leaflet has the world's best rosary-repair-person on duty most days. If you leave near Leaflet in St Paul, call ahead to make sure she's there that day. I'm kind of a rosary-abuser, I guess and have been a regular patron of her services. My next step is to upgrade to a higher quality Rosary made of logging chains.

Also, Terry has a report on his health at Rome-ing Catholics. Please place him in your prayers.
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