Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My Most Memorable and Meritorious Movie Meme

Marshall's Movie Meme

Your Favorite Film? ---
I could watch “Gettysburg” (Made for Cable TV) over and over and over.
It’s the only “war movie” where I could understand the tactics.
And they had real Civil War “re-enactors” with major roles
including in the fabulous scene showing Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg
Your Favorite Film Priest? --- The Priest in “Black Robe”
or, Karl Malden in “On the Waterfront”
Your Favorite Film Nun? --- I don’t recall any other than in “The Sound of Music”
Your Favorite Religious Movie? --- The Passion of the Christ
Your Favorite Comedy? --- The Twelve Chairs
Your Favorite Action Film? --- The Mouse that Roared
Your Favorite Thriller? --- Casablanca
Your Favorite Foreign Film? --- Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Favorite "Alternative" Lifestyle Film? --- King Rat
Your Favorite Animal Film? --- King Kong I
Your Favorite Animated Film? --- Bambi
(At least I agreed with Terry on something!)
Your Favorite "B" Movie? --- Any of the old Busby Berkeley dance movies with Ruby Keeler
Charlie Chan would be a good runner-up

Your Favorite "Newer" "B" Movie? --- Groundhog Day
Your Favorite Black Comedy Film? (As In Humor.) ---
Dr. Strangelove, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Your favorite Period Film? --- Elvira Madigan (a tale of abject poverty where their clothing was always immaculately white, but that didn’t matter. Mozart helped too.
Your Favorite Biblical Film? --- Ben Hur
In your opinion, the most important film in Cinematic history? ---
The Passion of the Christ

Least Favorite Christmas Movie --- It’s a Wonderful Life!
I am in a small minority that doesn’t think that this is a Christmas movie.
None of my siblings will have anything to do with me because of my opinion.

Best 3D Movie --- Charge at Feather River

Most Confusing Movie Ever Made --- “Blackout”, starring Dane Clark
I saw it a half dozen times or more in the 50’s on late night TV and never could understand it!

Most Enjoyable Choreography --- Oliver!

Movie where I first cried as an adult --- The Snake Pit
And if I knew why, I could have probably saved myself eons of self-analysis

Most Fraudulent Advertising --- The Man, with Jack Webb and Marlon Brando
It sounds good with those two stars.
But when you are ten years old looking for a good war movie
and the war sequences are in color for maybe five minutes
til Brando gets shot and the rest of the movie is in
Black & White in a hospital where he recuperates.
I guess it was a fine movie, but not for a ten year old.
Fortunately it was a double feature with a cartoon, a newsreel
and previews of coming attractions!

Greatest Movie Fist Fight where perhaps not a blow was landed ---
John Wayne and Victor McLaghlin in the long version of “The Quiet Man”
I'm late with this because of a computer disease, so whoever wants to play is hereby invited.
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