Monday, January 29, 2007

This is Catholic Schools Week; Support Them!

Cathy of Alex who blogs at Recovering Dissident Catholic, mused about Catholic Schools Week this morning. Was it mentioned yesterday at your parish? Catholic schools used to be in virtually all parishes. It is interesting that that was the case when most moms stayed at home with the kids and it was a one income family.

Today when probably most families with young children are two income families, many Catholics say they cannot afford to send their children to a Catholic school if one is nearby. Perhaps another reason that parents don't make the sacrifice to send their children to Catholic schools is that they are not sure if they are truly "Catholic." Read Cathy's post!

A few months ago, I overheard a conversation between two executives in my company. One of them is a Lutheran, I don't know what the religious convictions are of the other executive. The Lutheran was telling the other his kids were in a Catholic school in the South Metro. The other was surprised. The Lutheran said: "Oh, don't worry, its not really....THAT way"

I was so mad I left the breakroom.

What the Lutheran meant was: "Don't worry. My kids are not exposed to Catholicism at this Catholic school. Thus, its ok for me, a Lutheran, to escape the public school system by sending my kids to this "Catholic" school".

I went to Sunday Mass yesterday evening. My pastor does an excellent job of really building up our parish school. He helps raise money, he publicizes the events, he "talks" it up from the pulpit. He also does more then that. He had an excellent homily where he incorporated the value of an authentic Catholic education. Primary parenting is done at home, but sometimes parents need help which is where the school comes in.
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