Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pro-Life Demonstration at the MN State Capitol: Can't We Just All Get Along?

I've never been too much of a demonstrator. But I've attended a few big demonstrations in my time. Some were anti-Vietnam War events. I've been present at Fair Play For Cuba demonstrations (how's that for dating myself), anti-Russian demonstrations where an international incident was caused when the Russian hammer and sickle flag was stolen and never returned and early Black Power semi-violent break-ins. I never was present at a Pro-Life demonstration until four or five years ago and mostly since then I have only been to the Good Friday events at the Highland Park (in St Paul) abortion facility and most recently by myself occasionally at that same Planned Parenthood site.

Yesterday, I decided to head over to the State Capitol in St Paul to participate with the big Roe v. Wade Anniversary event. Minnesota doesn't drag out big crowds for mid January events even for us natives (unless ice fishing is involved). But there seemed to be a nice crowd from all over the state (mostly from outside the Metro Area, which I guess is not surprising), all very well organized by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL).

But I left with a bad taste in my mouth.

Right before the event presentations formally started, one of the MCCL types made an announcement that some unauthorized brochures were being distributed at the event that they could not vouch for and so warned us to be careful of them. She then described what the MCCL schedule brochure looked like (gold paper with a contribution envelope stapled to it).

The only other brochure that I saw being distributed was one by Pro-Life Action Ministries. They are another of the many active pro-life non-profits working in the State of Minnesota. They were promoting a Rosary March to the nearby Regions Hospital (what a crummy name, by the way) which would last for an hour after the MCCL event.

I thought to my self, "Self, MCCL couldn't be warning us about PLAM, could they?"

And then at the close of the MCCL sponsored event, the person at the microphone merely said, "Thank you for coming" and made no mention of the Rosary March.

That sickened me.

Is the MCCL so worried about their credibility and their contributions that they refuse to acknowledge the existence of another pro-life organization intent on having people praying for an end to abortion?

Since I am relatively new at this kind of demonstrating, it may be that Pro-Life Action Ministries treats the MCCL the same way at their events.

How sad, on this, the 34th Anniversary of the abysmal Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court Decision. Can't we all get along, just for one day?
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