Thursday, April 26, 2007

City Pages' "Best Locally Generated Blog"



Our Very Own



Dan Lacey!

Is City Pages' Best Locally Generated Blog


Congratulations Dan!!!!


Unknown said...

You're welcome! I appreciate the support of everyone at Stella. I know I couldn't have done it (whatever I did) without your prayers. I'm fully aware I don't have the 'best blog.' Your and the Hadley's blog, heck, everyone's blog at Stella, is much more informational and erudite than mine, so I'm humbled.

They still don't realize they've made a terrible mistake. A lot to try to live up to-I'll try not to blow it.

Our Word said...


You're far too modest - anyone can scribble a few words, but the kind of scribbling you do - which winds up actually looking like something! - is a gift that far fewer have. Congrats!