Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Ironic Catholic Boned Up On Theology During the Forty Days of Lent

Members of St Blog's Parish who attend Mass and receive Absolution at one of the Minnesota Chapels no doubt have consulted their Internet Blogroll to see when Confession is next being offered there.

They did this not because this Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday and a Plenary Indulgence is on the Agenda, but because Divine Wrath in the nature of an April Blizzard has descended upon us and talk of the Second Coming and even "Rapture" is in the air.

Fortunately our ace humorist, The Ironic Catholic, took the last couple of weeks of Lent off to take a crash course in Theology and she aced her final and has broken with her One-A-Day-Brand-Irony policy to comfort us and remove all thoughts of "Rapture" from our souls. Check it out before you slip on an icy sidewalk or drive off a cliff without having gone to Confession.

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The Ironic Catholic said...

Now *there* is a theological question--could the rapture occur in the midst of a storm? Does rapture come with precip? What's most appropriate, wintry mix? Or gentle rainfall with a rainbow in the background?

Thanks for the link, Ray!