Monday, April 30, 2007

Pro-Life Action Ministries Purchases Home Next To Robbinsdale Abortion Factory; Opening a Perpetual Adoration Chapel!

Pro Life Action Ministries, located in St. Paul, MN has purchased the house right next to the Robbinsdale Abortuary.

Praise God! Archbishop Harry Flynn has given them permission to have Perpetual Adoration inside the house. However, they need money to renovate the old house to make room for the 24 hour adoration chapel. They would be very grateful for any help.

If you can make a contribution to this very worthy cause, please send your donations to:

Pro-Life Action Ministries Inc.
1163 Payne Ave.
St.Paul, MN 55130-3600
Ph.651 771 1500

Thanks and God reward you!
Catholic Parents On-Line


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Hey, that's fantastic news!

Sanctus Belle said...

This is very good news! Tis only a matter of time now until this abortion mill is out of business. Now we need adoration chapels near Methodist Hosp. and PP in St. Paul! Amen+

Unknown said...


As far as Highland Park is concerned, it is either public property across the street or commercial property. Too late.

But Lumen Christi parish about two blocks away does have an (almost) Perpetual Adoration chapel (closed between the Vigil Mass Saturday and Noon Sunday).