Thursday, April 12, 2007

An Ex-Lutheran Goes on a "Nun Run"

Over on Father Z's blog today, I ran across a comment from someone who has a blog called Quantitative Metathesis who apparently may be a member of the Minnesota Province of St Blog's Parish. Two indications are that she was a Lutheran at one time, and she is familiar with Minnesota weather. And then she mentions in her blog profile that she lives in St Paul. But what is more interesting is that she is discerning a vocation and just went on a "nun run" with some pals and visited a bunch of convents recently and has reported on them Here.

Now I can think of some Minnesotans who just might be interested in discerning a vocation as a Bride of Christ if the right circumstances would happen to show up in their lives. And age probably is not a consideration. After all, Sister Edith, O.S.B. at St Scholastica in Duluth, one of the most articulate of bloggers and a Professor of Sociology, found her vocation later in life.

The Orders that were visited were:

Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (Ann Arbor, MI)

Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma (Alma, MI)

Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration (Mishawaka, IL)

Two Poor Clare monasteries (Palos Park, IL, and Belleville, IL)

Community of St. John (Princeville, IL)

Passionist Nuns (Whitesville, KY)

Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia (Nashville, TN)

Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters (aka the Pink Sisters) (St. Louis, MO)

Franciscan Sisters of the Martyr St. George (Alton, IL)

All of these were determined to be "solid, faithful to Mother Church, habited, in love with the Lord and rooted in prayer." Sadly, none of them happen to be in Minnesota.

If you are, or if you know someone in the discernment stage of a religious life, check Quantitative's comments on the visits and their web pages.

And I have some old Holy Cards that I will give to the first person who can explain to me what "quantitative metathesis" is and who first used the term.

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