Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monsignor Richard Schuler's Guardian Angel had one last task to perform

Right about now the Twin Cities Catholic Chorale and members of the Minnesota Orchestra are right at about the Dies Irae of Mozart's fabulous Requiem Mass over at St Agnes Church in St Paul for the funeral of Monsignor Richard Schuler, pastor there for 32 years or so and one of the men who saved music in the American Church.

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him, O Lord, and Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him; May His Soul, and All the Souls of the Faithful Departed, Through the Mercy of God, Rest in Peace. Amen.

Msgr Schuler's Guardian Angel probably didn't have a lot to do for most of the good priest's life other than deflect a few meteorites from the priest's noggin, give flat tires to drunk drivers who might have hit him, distract vandals intent on harming his gorgeous church, etc, but today he had one last task. He prevented the electronic dissemination of the sad news that St Agnes High School, nurtured by Msgr Schuler and many others over so many years and the source of so many vocations for the Church, is having severe financial difficulties.

The paper printed the story, but nobody seems to have been able to access the electronic version so I finally ran over and purchased a copy.

"Facing a projected drop in enrollment for the next school year and struggling with long-standing debts, St. Agnes High School needs to find new students or new funding before the end of the month to prevent closure, according to parish officials."

St Agnes, "established in 1888 and widely considered the most traditional of the area's Catholic schools, is facing 'a critical deadlinie,' according to a letter sent to parents last week.'" The lower school would not be affected. High school tuition at St Agnes next year is $7,350.

"St Agnes has been running deficits for several years, and the parish has had to borrow more than $1 million to support the school", pastor Father John Ubel said. "The school's operating deficit this year was equal to the total parish income."

"Overall enrollment at the school is about 426 students, down from about 600 in 2001-2." [St Paul Pioneer Press]

As plans are revealed for attempts to save St Agnes High, watch here for further information.

Msgr Schuler's Guardian Angel has now removed the restrictions and you may now read the full PPD article about St Agnes High HERE.

Cathy of Alex who blogs at Recovering Dissident Catholic has discovered that a complete statement is on the St Agnes Web Page.

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