Friday, April 13, 2007

English Language Text of the new ICEL translation of the Mass (Preliminary)


Father Tim Finnegan in the U.K., who blogs at The Hermeneutics of Continuity, has managed to get his hands on the English Translation of the Mass as finally approved by the Bishops, last Summer or so.

Why it takes so long to get such a translation can only be ascribed to lots of infighting by folks on both sides of the issue.

This is the “good guys’ version.”

It’s about 21 pages plus the comments and I have highlighted some of the interesting phrases and terminology that are returning to use in the Mass. The attempt is to bring it closer to the Latin original.

I may have missed some significant changes. Please let me know of those that I have missed.

The “rubrics” (specific instructions) aren’t given here yet. This is just the words said by the celebrant and the congregation.


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