Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Divine Mercy Celebrations, Sunday, April 15, 2007, Metro East

St. Paul Metro Area
(Complete Minnesota List)

Forest Lake; St Peter Chapel, 2:00 - 4:00 (Confessions 2-3)
Franconia; St Francis Xavier, 9:00 Mass and Chaplet
Maplewood; St Jerome, 1:30-3:30, Mass 3:30
Mendota; St Peter, 1:30-2:30 with Reconciliation
N. St Paul; St Peter, 2:00-4:00
St Paul; St Agnes, 2:00-4:00
St Paul; Cathedral, 2:30-3:30, Confession 1:30-3:30
St Paul; St John, 2:00-3:30, Confession
St Paul; Maternity, 3:00-4:00, Confession
St Paul; OL Guadalupe, 3:00 Holy Hour; 4:00 Paul Regan
S St Paul; St Augustine, 2:00-3:00
Stillwater; St Michael, 1:30-3:30, Confession
Taylors Falls; St Joseph, 10:30 Mass, Chaplet, Adoration; 7:30 Mass & Chaplet
W St Paul; St Joseph, 2:00-3:30; Video 3:30
W St Paul, St Michael, 4:00 Holy Hour; Chaplet after each Mass
White Bear; St Pius X; 2:30-4:00, Confession

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