Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Father Corapi is Not Hanging it Up!

While I was not farsighted enough to be able to register for the Archdiocesan Men's Retreat featuring Father John Corapi last weekend, I was able to discern some good news.

I had hear that Father would be retiring after this year to write at his home in Montana and that this would have been the last time that I probably would be able to hear him in person.

Sanctus Belle, our fledgling blogger at Our Lady's Tears who is doing such a tremendous job, informs me that her husband was not a procrastinator and did attend the session at the University of St Thomas.

Father Corapi must have heard that others had the same mistaken impression and cleared up the confusion. He said he was not retiring at all, but will take about a year off to write. There is also a television/broadcasting studio currently being built in his rural Montana home. He will be preaching via EWTN more often and reaching millions instead of thousands, plus he won't have to travel so much. He is not having any health problems.

So that is great news for all good Catholics (and not so good Catholics, too). Father Corapi is a tremendous speaker, heard regularly on Relevant Radio, 1330 in the Twin Cities, besides his EWTN appearances.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Hey, THAT is great news! Thanks Be to God!

Terry Nelson said...

"Yeah, Ray! Wake up!" (Shaking Ray to wake up.) "Ray! Wake up!"

I meme'd you for favorite saints - let's get going on this - I never meme people.