Monday, October 25, 2010

DFL Central Committee Insults its Base: Catholic Progressives behind Loaves & Fishes and the Homeless Shelters

The DFL Central Committee, it's governing body, most probably composed of the most radical of the DFL activists (I actually heard at one convention one candidate being asked, "What is your position on abortion and how radical are you?") has sent out a postcard to prospective voters, with this photo of a Catholic priest wearing a campaign button saying: "Ignore the Poor."

I don’t know how many were sent out, but this was received by a Catholic in the Twin Cities. It shows the willful ignorance of Democrats by ignoring what Catholic Charities, the many thousands of Catholic parishes with social justice ministries, especially parishes like St. Joan’s, Cabrini, Christ the King, St Edward's, Pax Christi, St. Stanislaus, some of the most active of Catholic progresssives in the entire country, and the Catholic school system, pre-K to grad schools, and what they have done and continue to do for poor people in this country.

Is this intended to bring out the Catholic progressive vote? Or those who hate Catholics?

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There were 3 mailings of postcards in this political race
If you think that this photo shows a protestant altar?
How many protestant churches have statues of
St. Anthony of Padua and the Baby Jesus?


Adoro said...

Thanks Ray. I've been passing this on.

I hope the voters in MN see the bigotry for what it is and call the Dems on their lie.

After all, they are actively working AGAINST the Principle of Subsidiarity as defined by Catholic Social Teaching, and by doing so, they are also contradicting solidarity, life, the preference for the poor, and of course, through this, the fundamental right to practice one's own religion.

Apparently our religion is not acceptable according to the MN-DFL's definition. They're on a witch-hunt for Catholics and it's probably because of our good Bishop's willingness to stand up for authentic Catholic teaching...and all the support he is getting from the faithful who refuse to vote Democrat because of their bigotry and anti-life, anti-freedom agenda.

Screw 'em, can't wait to see the Dems defeated.

Badger Catholic said...

Wowza. That's just amazing

Unknown said...

Thanks, Adoro.

The Nat'l Catholic Register and the Creative Minority Report blog and some others have it already. Hopefully it might resonate in other states, too.

Badger: Thanks. Some days blogging can be a quite satisfying avocation when you can make a difference.

Scott W said...

The DFL is miffed about the gay marriage DVDs.

Unknown said...

Right, Scott.

But by saying that the Catholic Church "Ignores the Poor" they are slapping the faces of all those liberal social justice parishes who are the backbone of Loaves 'n Fishes meal programs, housing for the homeless, free shoes, medical care, job counselling, etc.

Those are the DFL's loyalist brigade.

Living_by_Grace said...

Can we be heartened that at least there are no Catholics on the MN DFL State Central Committee, or at least too few of them to be outvoted in committee in the approval of this ad?

Anonymous said...

What's the DFL? I'm not from MN.

Unknown said...

Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, the arm of the national Democratic Party in Minnesota.

In 1948 the Democratic Party and the Farmer-Labor Party merged to become the DFL.

The Farmers and the Labor unions got together 40-50 years earlier. Separate, they were never to win elective office. By 1970 they became the dominant party in the State of Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ray, for educating me about the DFL.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Thanks, Ray.
You rock!!

KM said...

Do people believe then that there is a hidden subversive anti-catholic sentiment to this ad, rather than the perspective that the candidate that he is running against is a a prominent pastor and that is why they have a clerical collar in the ad-because the opponent is a pastor? That it is more of an attack on this particular opponent talking the talk of a pastor but not walking the walk? Or could it be both that and the capitalization on anti-catholicim?

Unknown said...


Would you change your mind if I told you that Dan Hall, while having been ordained as a minister, is not now a minister, and has been a chaplain or an official of organizations that provide support to chaplains for the past 25 years or so.

He might have been a minister a long time ago, but I don't know that.

Why did the Democratic party sponsored ad keep referring to him as "preacher?" He is a member of a non-denominational church affiliated with the Assemblies of God.

In a conversation I had with him he did not mention that he had ever been a minister.

He did say that the church he attends does not have ministers wearing clerical vestments or black suits with Roman collars.

Catholic priests wear black suits with Roman collars.

There were three different versions of postcards sent to the voters in Dan's district.

One showed an altar surmounted by a statue of St. Anthony of Padua holding the Baby Jesus. How many Protestant churches could you point me to that have statues?

Oh, and it was just pointed out to me tonight that in the lower left of the "altar" photo, there are three crutches beside the altar.

In Catholic churches, when people receive miraculous cures after having had requested intercession and prayers from a saint or from the Blessed Mother, or from God Himself, they leave their crutches beside the altar as evidence of the miraculous cure.

[My great-grandmother received a miraculous cure at the Shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre in Quebec in the 1890's]

Just how often does that happen in Protestant churches?

I'd really love to know.

And you were saying . . . .

KM said...

I think you may have misinterpreted my comment. Perhaps I didn't articulate myself well. That happens. You don't need to change my opinion, I already agreed with you. I never actually gave my opinion in my comment. I was asking questions because I wanted to know the answers, because I was confused by some of the information (i.e his being a pastor, or the possibility that the DFL was doing a yes/and subversive catch-all approach). Face value to me as a faithful Catholic it is offensive, but I like to get all the information regarding intention and facts etc. before making harsh statements. Now I know more of the background, which was my intention in commenting. Thank you.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it. I can't imagine the ignorance of the person who put together those ads. I can't believe the gall of the person who may have APPROVED those ads to be sent out! The whole thing would almost be funny (some sort of sick parody), if it weren't so sad.

Unknown said...


They not only approved, the wanted it.

Note also in the lower left of the "altar" image.

Three crutches.

Handicapped Catholics (and Protestants) who have prayed for an intercession to a saint, the Blessed Mother or to God Himself, leave their crutches besides the altar after having received their miraculous cure.

How many Protestant churches have "crutch" shrines?

This was an attempt to get back at Abp. Nienstedt for the Marriage DVD mailing.

The DFL leadership is unanimously ini favor of homosexual marriage and they need every vote they can get to win the governor's office and control the legislature.

Fortunately for us, they didn't think that liberal Catholics who disagree with the Church on that issue, are probably the largest and most effective providers of charity to the poor.

That "Ignore the Poor" message is an outrageous and despicable slander aimed at those liberal Catholics, and all Catholics.