Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Roamin' Roman", St Blog's Foreign Correspondent, Reports From Msgr Schuler's Funeral

First of all, the Internment is at St Mary's Cemetery at 10:00 a.m. CDT this morning in the TwinCities if you couldn't make it to St Agnes yesterday.

Mary, blogging currently at Veritatis Splendor, who won her foreign correspondent spurs as the Roamin' Roman when she studied for a year in Rome, was in attendance at St Agnes last night for the funeral of Msgr Richard Schuler:

Dies irae dies illa...

The parish of St. Agnes is well known for their ability to celebrate a worthy Mass using Mozart's Requiem setting. I've been to St. Agnes for their annual All Souls' Day Mass - twice. And I was at the Requiem Mass for the Holy Father John Paul II after his death. Tonight, however, was the most memorable one yet. Tonight, I was there to pray for, and for the prayers of, Msgr. Richard Schuler. And so were a LOT of other people!

I got there an hour early, and already the crowds were pouring into the nave. I managed to snag a decent center pew about 2/3 of the way back, and also managed to find a couple of friends amidst the chaos of mourners arriving. The church was full well before 7pm, I think a lot of people were standing. According to the St. Agnes website, the church holds 1,500 people - wow! What a tribute to this man's holiness! [...snip] Read it all at Veritatis Splendor

And she got to meet Father Z! Dang it, I shouldda been there! She had earlier posted an article by him about Msgr Schuler that was published in The Wanderer in 2006 and edited for the Internet HERE.

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Ray: Good reporting, the last couple of days!