Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don't patronize hotels that offer adult pay-per-view. Save some cash and save some souls!!!!

Mary Ann Kuharski who, in addition to raising a jillion children, founded and runs Pro-Life Across America (PLAM), the organization that provides pro-life billboards in most of the major cities of the country and advertising on many of the radio stations, too.

Mary Ann recently made news when, she discovered that the hotel where she had booked her annual fund-raising banquet offers its guests access to pay-per-view adult entertainment. She forthwith canceled her reservations and on short notice arranged an alternative location at St. John the Baptist Parish in New Brighton.

Coincidentally, the banquet is 6:00 p.m. tomorrow if you are interested in attending. Details here.

In another of those serendipitous events, looking for something else, I found a site on the internet, Clean Hotels.com, that has a list of hotels that do not offer adult entertainment to their guests.

When you are travelling, or when you are having friends or relatives coming to town, you might inform them of this option. They might be able to save some money, also.

I spent a little time and came up with a list of such hotels in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area in all parts of it with rates from $70 to $200 per night. And I only looked in a half dozen cities.

Make sure you bookmark that CleanHotels.com site! Save some cash and save some souls!!!! I'm sure Mary Ann Kuharski will be using the site to book next years PLAM banquet.

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Vianney33 said...

Thanks for the Hotel link. I had been wondering if such a thing existed. I only wish there were hotels that did not have HBO, Cinemax and other channels like them on their systems. While most Americans have these pumped into their homes and have become numb to their programing, I still consider their late night shows to be pornography. We do not have cable but I have seen this stuff in hotels and if you have never seen some of it you might be surprised, or should I say revolted. It is sad that we have to point out the pay-per-view stuff when there is sewage flowing for free through our cable systems. I guess this is a start though.
By the way, I did complain to management about the cable channels in a hotel I stayed at in Orlando. Didn't hear a thing back though.