Friday, May 8, 2009

Human Life Alliance Honors Three Campus Pro-Life Student Groups

The Twin Cities founded and based Human Life Alliance works with students in colleges, both Catholic and non-Catholic, to promote the pro-life cause. Just recently they awarded student groups on three campuses financial awards for their efforts.

Purdue University 2009 Campus Impact Award First Place Winner
Purdue Students for Life paid to insert 17,500 copies of We Know Better Now into The Exponent, their daily student newspaper. The insertion sparked quite a controversy on campus. One particularly unhappy student wrote the following to The Exponent:

Pro-life pamphlet sours student's day with lies
"Thursday as I got my copy of The Exponent, there were copies of a small colored section. On it, it simply said, "We Know Better Now." I assumed it was something from the Exponent. Turns out it was your typical, extremely biased, Orwell-style terrorism claiming how many children have been innocently slaughtered to this day and how abortion will ruin your life."
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